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Wave to Open? Touchless Activation Sensors?

Is it possible to Reduce the spread of germs through touchless door activation?

YES! It is!

Recent studies indicate that nearly 80 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.
( https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/cold-guide/cold-prevention-hand-washing#1 )

This technology helps reduce the spread of Ebola, MRSA, Sars, Pneumonia, Influenza and even the common cold because it promotes good hand hygiene in the workspace and other public areas, like restrooms.

Protect Customers and Employees from Covid-19 and other germs! Provide “touchless restroom door openers” to compliment your other touchless washing and drying solutions. Eliminate the piles of used paper towels at the restroom exit door, which pose a health issue.

Give customers and employees confidence in your business hygiene and their own safety when visiting your restroom! Show them you are pro-active before hands free door opening is mandated (should that ever happen).

Touchless door opening will become commonplace in the years to come. Be an early adopter.

Broad Categories of “Touchless Door Opener” uses:

  • Healthcare Environments
  • Cleanroom Environments
  • Industrial Environments
  • Commercial and Retail Environments

More Specific Uses of These “Wave To Open” devices:

  • Automatic Restroom Door Opener
  • Automatic Lab Door Opener Systems
  • Auto Door Openers For the Handicapped
  • ADA Compliant Automatic Door Openers
  • Commercial Automatic Door Openers
  • Wireless Automatic Door Openers
  • Automatic Door Opener for Elderly
  • Automatic Door for Disabled Access

Reasons Why “Wave to Open Devices” & Touchless Doors are Benefitial:

  1. Contamination Control
  2. DDA and Equality Act Compliance
  3. Building Occupants Prefer Automatic Doors (Especially now when Germs are “Top of Mind”)
  4. Safety and Convenience
  5. Energy Savings

There are three basic types of automatic doors:

  1. Swinging,
  2. sSliding
  3. Bi-Parting Sliding

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