Safe Moving And Installation

When You Move – How Do You Move Your Safe?

For small or portable safes, you can move them yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. In the case of a small safe it is best to have a heavy duty appliance dolly to move it from your home to the truck and then back to the new home.

Most safes however are larger than can be easily moved by a home owner or even a small business owner.

Complications You Need To Consider

If the safe is a wall save or a floor safe it may be attached to the environment with heavy bolts which will be very difficult to remove without causing damage. After all, safes are not meant to be easily removed from the premises.Otherwise your valuables wouldn’t be very safe, right?

If Your Safe Is Too Large To Safely Move Yourself

Bottom line is that to get the job done without incident or damage to your safe or valuables, you should employ a locksmith or safe moving professional to do the job. It may cost a little more than doing it yourself, but it will be worth it. It will minimize property damage, damage to the safe itself, and personnel injuries.

Michaels keys has a safe moving crew that does this type of work every day. They have all the right equipment for the job and the proper training to get the job done without damage to your home or business.

Tips For The Do-It-Yourself Person

If you are an obsessive do-it-yourselfer, here are a 14 tips that may help you with your safe moving plan:

  1. Have enough helpers to get the job done safely! You can replace a safe. You may not be able to replace a friend!
  2. Never, Never, Never do risky things like using PVC pipe or golf balls to roll the safe on. This will damage floors and cause huge safety issues.
  3. Remove all contents before moving the safe.
  4. Make sure the safe door is closed and locked.
  5. Wrap furniture blankets around the safe and secure with packing or duct tape to prevent scratching.
  6. Get a heavy duty appliance dolly.Make sure the wheels can bear the weight!
  7. Your truck should be able to transport a safe of your safe’s weight.
  8. Use support straps or ropes to keep it stable on the dolly.
  9. Make sure you have proper clearance on the way out of your house and into the new one. If you get this wrong and you will be stuck with an “out of place” safe. Safes are expensive and you don’t want it in the wrong place.
  10. Make sure to protect your floors and walls.
  11. Make sure the safe is securely attached to the dolly!
  12. Make sure the moving truck has a lift that can handle the weight or a solid ramp.
  13. Always have enough people (helpers) to get the job done safely!
  14. Securely and safely attach the safe to the inside of the truck. You don’t want it moving around.

If You Are Up To The Risk

I hope you can see that safe moving is a risky business. In most cases it is left to the professionals who have been taught how to move safes properly without getting hurt or damaging property.

If You Want The Job Done Quickly And Safely By Professional Safe Movers

If you need a safe moved, call Michael’s Keys for a quote. (817) 581-8992