Standard, Vanity, and High Security Keys

Standard Keys

These keys are the ones you normally see in circulation. We use them to start the car (older cars – not the newer ones), open the front door at our home or place of business, a shed, etc.

You will see key cutting machines at local hardware stores and building supply stores. Have you ever had a duplicate key made on one of these machines and then the thing didn’t work when you got it home. But, that’s another story.

Different lock manufactures use different key blank stock. Michael’s Keys stocks over 5000 key blanks! That’s right, 5000! If we don’t have a blank to fit your make and manufacture of lock, well it just isn’t available anymore. What we don’t have in stock we can order and have it for you pronto.

Depending on how the key is cut you can have up to 300,000 different combinations. This sounds like a lot, but standard keys have other drawbacks that makers it easy to pick.

You can see some of our stock of key blanks on our online store, but, these are only useful if you are a locksmith or have a key cutting machine in your garage.

Your best bet is to walk in to one of our stores to get your key cut.

Vanity Keys

Vanity Keys are standard keys that have a special shape or image on it. Think – NFL Team, Baseball Team, Music Standard, That Mouse from California and Florida, etc. You get the idea.

We currently have only ten of these listed on our Online Store, but we stock WAY more than that. Come in to one of our walk in stores and see what we have available.


High Security Keys

We carry key stock and special cutting equipment for security keys for locks like Multi-Lock and MEDECO. We do not sell these online. This is not allowed by the manufacturer. You can however get these in one of our Walk In Stores.

When I moved into our new home, the first thing I did was change all the locks to MEDECO high security locks. I also had the technician add longer screws to the hardware so an intruder could not gain access to the house with one swift kick. You would be surprised at the flimsy door hardware these builders use. You can have the most highly secure locking system, but if it is connected to a flimsy door jam with short screws, that fancy lock doesn’t do you any good!