High Quality Locks

Michael’s Keys is a local DFW supplier of quality “high security” locks. We also sell nationally through our online store.

Security Locks like those made by Multi-Lock use a harder material in their manufacture. They also use dual pins which makes the lock harder to pick. In addition, they have several anti-drilling features make the lock un-pickable in most cases unless the burglar is a pro. Multi-Lock also has a special key with a “floating element” which makes this type of security lock interactive with the key and thus more secure.

We carry the full MEDECO line of locks and keys. These cannot be purchased on the online store as this would compromise the security. Each key is serialized and we keep a log of who has each key here in our main store as well as the coding for the cutting of the key. You can only get copies from us. We will not make a copy unless your name is on the signature list.

Whether you are looking for a simple padlock, a high security padlock, Residential Door Locks, Commercial Door locks, desk lock, or window locks we have got you covered.

We’ve been in business in the metroplex for over 30 years and have a top Angie’s List rating. Your safety is our greatest goal.

You can see our selection online or in one of our 5 walk in shops.